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Under the Western label STARS & STRIPES, Robert Kastori – now together with his sons Simon and Kevin – has been successfully selling Western fashion since 1988. The company, based in Kirchentellinsfurt near Tübingen, has established itself as the leading wholesaler in Europe.

The Kastoris do not only sell textiles, they also have a really special attitude towards life.

Entering the retail industry with Western fashion did not always go smoothly. In 1982, Robert Kastori started by selling goods in a garage. This was followed by a shop on Reutlinger Lederstraße, but the big break did not come to pass yet. From 1986, Robert and his wife Michaela Kastori were out and about at festivals in a show truck with a striking print – business flourished here. In 1988, he finally founded the "Stars & Stripes" brand as a wholesaler for Western clothing.

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Starting with a catalogue of just a few pages and the home garage as a shipping point, the company grew rapidly and is now considered the largest Western brand for Western clothing in Europe.

STARS & STRIPES creates the designs for its products itself. For years, it has been working with selected and proven production facilities around the world to constantly meet its high-quality standards. Its range includes hats, vests, jackets, western shirts, western blouses, cowboy boots, belts, buckles and many other accessories – for almost all styles, from Western riding to country music, rockabilly, bikers, truckers, old-style to line dancing.

The two Kastori sons were already born with a bit of the "Wild West" gene. So it goes without saying that Kevin and Simon fully and committedly support the family business that they set up. In 2012, Simon Kastori returned to the company after successfully completing his studies as a fashion designer. He and his father have been running the company since 2016 together.

The company in Kirchentellinsfurt is known far beyond the retail industry in the Western scene. "We are THE contact partner as regards the subject-matter Western and the corresponding events," says Simon Kastori.
A photo wall in the showroom bears witness to the countless encounters with big names from the film, fashion and show industries – with the Klitschkos, at Hugo Boss events, with the Ferrari Racing Team, at Hollywood film premieres, at photoshoots in California – and much more.
Important customers include Euro Disney, Europa Park, and Pullman City. Even CHANEL and Yves Saint Laurent have supplied the company with products. Many Stars from the music scene such as Boss Hoss, Rednex, Truck Stop etc. were on stage in STARS & STRIPES outfits. So were the dancers around Madonna on her European tour for her hit "Don't tell me".

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STARS & STRIPES was on board for the German premieres of "Django Unchained" and "Lone Ranger". The whole Dallas family were also dressed with the label when they were on a charity tour in Europe in 2007.
Well-known fashion magazines such as Vogue present the latest STARS & STRIPES collections on their trend pages. Collection items from STARS & STRIPES can often be seen in numerous international television productions and advertising clips.

The Kastoris even got mail from Steven Spielberg's production company, who wanted to use the "Kevin" shirt for filming. "We now have a Hollywood contract," Simon Kastori grins. "It's a great honour for us. These things happen to us again and again, and we never know what to expect next."

In May 2018, STARS & STRIPES opened a Western OUTLET store for consumers in addition to its wholesale business. Spanning an area of more than 500 m², you can experience a familial and authentic atmosphere with a huge selection of Western clothing. From hats to boots, the STARS & STRIPES collection offers everything.

In addition to the regular outlet opening times, Western events also take place here. The team is happy to welcome each and every Western, country & fashion fan.